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Anna Cary is a fine art photographer, based in Central Florida. Her background in medical ultrasound imaging, and in the performing arts, led to the discovery of her passion for photography, and the development of a unique vision from urban architecture to rural landscapes to small town America.


From her studies in Photoshop and graphic design, she moved into the area of photo digital painting, broadening her expertise in the digital darkroom.


To add creative dimension to her work, she sometimes captures images using a converted Infrared camera, using the deep black and white infrared filter, to produce a traditional infrared image.


Anna has extensively photographed her native upstate New York, as well as northern California, and the eastern seaboard states from Maine to Florida. Her work has been exhibited in several Florida galleries, including the Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park, City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando, and SOBO in Winter Garden. 


Anna’s Fine Art Notecards and Prints are for sale at several central Florida locations, including the Orlando Museum of Art Gift Shop.


Her images have been published in Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine, Orlando Home Renovation Magazine, and the comprehensive book, Digital Infrared Photography by Deborah Sandidge.

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